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please find below what I am currently working on!

The Cabaret at the End of the World

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I recently received Arts Council England funding to produce and deliver the R&D phase for 'The Cabaret at the End of the World' with PackPack Theatre Company in 2021. We are working with six amazing artists, a talented embedded critic and a stunning playwright to create a semi-scripted cabaret show that centralises queer voices within the climate crisis. 

Follow along on my socials to stay up to date with this project! 

Care in the Kitchen

: a research project about food, bodies and care across distance

Hello! I am inviting you into my kitchen from your own to share food, thoughts, memories and time.


Care in the Kitchen is a practice-as-research project exploring the relationships between food, bodies and care. Discourses around food and bodies can be fraught with many cultural anxieties. This project aims to shift the focus to discuss cooking/eating/feeding as social practices of kindness, love and care. 

Across several weeks, I exchanged meals and stories of care with participants through the post. The materials have now been archived at careinthekitchen.com. This archive is interactive, with blog posts that visitors are welcomed to comment upon.


Periodically there are cook-along events featuring different meals from the archive. The last cook-along was presented during Brink Festival (22nd-26th June 2020). Please join the mailing list to be updated for the next one.

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